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Sponsoring Members may include:

Guaranty agencies

When Mapping Your Future was created in 1996, state and regional guaranty agencies (administering state and federal financial aid) recognized the need to collaborate to deliver uniform services across the country, rather than each organization spending money to develop unique services. They recognized that by working together, they could meet the needs of students and families looking for information and guidance on college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy planning and help colleges and universities provide innovative online services to students. This still is true today.

Guaranty agencies are the primary source of support for Mapping Your Future. By providing this support, they are able to assist the schools (elementary to postsecondary) and students in their state or region with Mapping Your Future's college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy information and services.

Benefits for Sponsoring Members

Through Mapping Your Future, sponsoring guaranty agencies provide many services to the schools, students, and families in their area and reap many benefits for their own agency and staff. The benefits experienced by sponsors include the following:

In addition to the listing and information on the website, there are other visibility, marketing and goodwill benefits:

Become a sponsoring member by completing our online form.