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Generally, most students apply to college in the spring before the fall semester in which they want to attend. Some colleges, however, offer early or other admission plans. Early admission can come with the stipulation that if you are accepted, you must agree not to apply to other schools. It's a limitation you should consider, especially if you aren't sure about whether you really want to attend a particular school and if you need more information about costs and financial aid.

The application

You probably will need to complete and submit a different application for each school you are considering attending. Before you do that, check with the schools' admission offices to see if they accept electronic applications. Some schools use electronic application systems that allow you to submit a single application to multiple colleges and universities in print or electronic format. Check with the schools on your list for more information.

Most college applications will ask you for the following types of information:

Some tips

Keep the following in mind when completing your application:


More information

Review the academic preparation and standardized tests sections, and also visit other college admissions resources that are available.